About me: Trinity

Hello :)
I am so grateful for the time you've taken to check me out! Thank you, thank you!
A bit about me and what you can expect from "working" with me ...

I believe Life and Love should be celebrated! Why not adorn your walls and bookshelves with imagery that fills your heart and keeps you remembering all that you are blessed with! I'm especially thrilled that brilliant minds invented an awesome tool like photography, allowing us to capture such sweetness. ** side note: if you want to be utterly amazed do a bit of reading on the history of photography **
You should know that what I love most about being a photographer, is the “exposure” I get to so many lives. My clients (turned friends) have been my best teachers; offering me insight and lessons on relationships, parenting, love, family, and faith. It's amazing how much is revealed during a photo session and I sincerely appreciate every aspect.
I realize getting your picture taken can be a tad awkward, as well I recognize how intimate a photo session can be. I so value your trust and I take your comfort level very seriously. While shooting I strive to create a balance between a carefree joyous atmosphere and creating opportunities to capture the images you're envisioning.
My attitude while shooting is informal and friendly; all the while paying attention to the lighting, environment and those moments where you are so uniquely present and that's when I shoot …. and shoot and shoot and shoot! To a fault, I overlook details such as a crocked necklace, sideways collar, peeking bra strap, etc. If these details are important to you, please let me know or consider a wardrobe that is less fussy. I try to keep it simple and lean more towards a candid/photojournalistic approach combined with the pictures you most want. I tend to guide people, rather than posing, then step back and allow for your spirits to shine.
I'm not big on adjusting this, fixing that, head up, chin down; I want you to feel comfortable. On the other hand, I will certainly let you know if something is not flattering or just looks funky. I want your personalities to show: kiss, talk, laugh, stretch, tickle, tell jokes, make funny faces, BREATHE, but be aware there is an armed photographer watching and she's ready to shoot!
In the end, it is my intention to provide you with a blend of candid images that convey your personalities, beautiful portraits that take your breath away and detailed shots that bring back memories so vivid, it's as if you were there again.

Image courtesy of Claudia Craig ---- Thanks Claudia!!!!